The city of Bradenton, the county seat of Manatee County and located between Tampa and Sarasota, has it all.  It is surrounded by fresh and salt waterways, beautiful beaches, neighboring barrier islands like Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key, and has the largest art district in the Gulf Coast.  Bradenton offers a plethora of activities.  Attend the museums, a planetarium, an aquarium, or performing arts.  Or how about spring training for the Pittsburg Pirates?  There are all kinds of parks and preserves including state, botanical, and historical. You’d be hard pressed to find a better area to move to – from the renovated neighborhood Village of the Arts south of downtown to the fast growing area of Lakewood Ranch to the east, Brandenton has something for everyone.

It’s obvious why Fire Ant Specialists and our guaranteed fire ant control service fits in so well to this area.  We offer a cost-effective relief and solution to the nuisance of fire ants for the new neighbors, the visitors to the parks, and to the outdoor enthusiasts – and we guarantee it.

We can treat all kinds of properties – from private to commercial, from municipal to recreational.  With only two treatments per year, Fire Ant Specialists’ application method promises that you do not have to live with fire ants any more.


Extermination is not instantaneous.  That’s why our application method works!  The fire ant colony travels deep into the ground, down to the egg-producing queen.  Contact poisons only focus on the surface ants you can see.  Our granular bait does not kill the surface ants so it is taken down to the queen, which sterilizes her.  This results in altering the entire colony’s life cycle and the remaining ants die off within 5-8 weeks, without new ants to replace them.  Continuing the cost-effective, twice per year treatments, you simply will not have a fire ant problem again.

Outside of calling licensed pest management professionals like Fire Ant Specialists, there is no “best way” to get rid of a fire ant problem.  The key to controlling these painful troublemakers is to identify them quickly and take action to minimize the damage and health risks they can cause to humans, animals, and property.


Our guarantee states that if, after sufficient time for the product to work, you still have an infestation, we will re-treat that area at no charge.  Our team is confident that you will be satisfied or your money back.